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Academic Coach | Author | Tutor

Suewong D. McFadden is a multi-talented, professional educator in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, where she obtained her B.A. Theatre Education in 2016 at the illustrious North Carolina Central University. She obtained her MAT in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Phoenix in October 2022. McFadden has been working in the education field for over 9 years. She continues to strive to make sure all children achieve the best educational experience.

 McFadden was born in the Bronx of New York City alongside her four siblings. She was raised in Lexington, North Carolina, where she graduated from Lexington Senior High in 2009. When she resided in Durham, McFadden has become a mentor to children around the Durham community. In 2017, she began teaching at Bethesda Elementary, where she received a Principal Award for her tenacity as a Beginner Teacher. 

McFadden's educational experience led to yearly classroom placement requests for the upcoming academic year by parents and colleagues on campus and in the community. In addition, McFadden served parents and students in the 

low-income area where students' academic needs were at-risk. Ms. McFadden is data-driven and always pushes her student toward success through rigorous learning and in-depth intervention.

In 2020, McFadden decided to further her goals and aspiration by moving to the West Coast, which has always been a young girl's dream. She published her first children's book on April 15, 2020, called, In Ms. McFadden's Class. She has developed a NEW children's book series called, Amir & Asia Series. The first book installment, Bossy Asia will be released in July 2023 along with the Bossy Asia Collection which includes t-shirts, pencils, enamel pins, etc. Visit MMLA Publish for more updates on McFadden's publication.

McFadden's has new development on its way. It is the Suewong McFadden Academy (SMA) which is planned to open in 2025. Stay Tuned for more information about the new school.




Adriana Maya

"I really liked everything, I feel that the giveaways help children to be more motivated at school I really liked the way they learned and at the same time they had fun."


Jhonna Plugge

"I would say the best experience in your class was the growth that Auggie has achieved. I know that he can struggle a bit. However, over all he has improved so much since he first started! And yes, the giveaways have always been great and the adventure as well!"


Mary Egesa

"My daughter is exceeding in all areas, thanks to Ms. McFadden. Her math skill are above her other fellow student friends, not to mention she counts change for me, just amazing Ms. McFadden. Really Really, great work McFadden. I am happy with my daughters education and I couldn't change anything."

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